Pediatric vascular surgery is a unique specialty that before the establishment of Mediclub Kids was operating only in St. Petersburg’s Pediatric University on the basis of 4th Pediatric Surgery Department.

This Direction of Pediatric Surgery is developing since 1985 year.  The founder of it is Georgian Professor M.D Dimitri Kupatadze. In St. Petersburg, under his leadership, a new branch of medicine was actually formed and was founded a new surgical school. For 40 years, at least 50,000 children from post-Soviet countries, Europe, Asia and USA have received treatment.

During these years, Professor Kupatadze actively was working and cooperating with Georgian colleagues. The idea to open a pediatric vascular surgery clinic together with MediClub Georgia became a project in 2022.

Our clinic is a joint project with MediClub Georgia. On the basis of MediClub Kids, is carried out the initial reception of all patients, their diagnosis (echo, specialist consultation, functional examinations, etc.) and segregation of patients for whom ambulatory treatment is sufficient and those who require inpatient treatment.

On the Basis of Mediclub Kids we are treating: Infantile hemangiomas, angiodysplasia (for example:  telangiectasias, Port Wine etc.), Venous dysplasia, angioma and other “minor” vascular pathologies. It is important to note that from the first day to the last visit to MediClub Kids, the patient undergoes various examinations and receives treatment using our algorithm and unique methods (based on our years of experience, multidisciplinary approach and individual analysis of each individual case).

Also, on the basis of the clinic, there is an appointment with a pediatrician and specialists in a narrow pediatric field: an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, etc. Ultrasound diagnostics focuses on children's vascular and pediatric pathologies. Ultrasound analysis of hemangiomas (size, location, vascularization options, and detection of malformations) is our know-how – our specialists in this field, in all other countries and even in St. Petersburg where this direction was founded, were the first.

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